Estate & Trust Tax Services

Estate and trust tax preparation and planning are not just for the ultra wealthy – it is a vital part of everyone’s financial future, but even more so if you are married, have kids and/or own a business.

Our goal and ultimate conclusion is for you to have an estate and trust plan that protects wealth while minimizing any tax burden for you and loved ones. We have many years of helping clients in this area. Furthermore, we can work with attorneys, financial advisors and others to create the best plan. We also stay up on the latest tax and other changes to the law that may impact estate and trust tax preparation and planning. Here is more on what our services include.

  • Allocating assets to spouses, children, trusts, and charities
  • Reviewing your estate plan and trust tax situation to ensure financial goals are met
  • Gift tax returns and strategies
  • Business succession planning
  • Trust administration
  • Trust income tax returns
  • Estate tax returns