Individual Tax Services

Is it tax season and you are tired of doing your taxes? Or, are you wondering if you might be losing out on possible tax savings, even if you already have someone who helps prepare your taxes? If any of these questions have occurred to you we would like to talk. We have helped many people in the exact same situation of wanting help on their individual taxes. That help could be limited to the tax season, or involve additional services.

You also may have additional areas or activities that make your individual taxes more complicated. Have you been paid in and/or used cryptocurrency? We can help. Have rental properties. We know what to do. Or perhaps you are part of a Single Member LLC/Sole Proprietor for Schedule C Profit & Loss. We can also help. Regardless of how simple or complex your situation, here are areas that we will bring our expertise to bear on:

  • Tax Preparation
  • Tax Planning
  • Tax Advisory/Consulting
  • Child Tax Credit Calculator
  • Get Your IRS File
  • Track Your Amended Return
  • Check the status of your amended tax return.